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Who Is Lauren Tickner?

💪🏻 Started as an online fitness coach at age 17 as side hustle.

👩‍💼 Realised she’s unemployable at the age of 19 while working in investment management (phew!).

🎓 Dropped out of the UK’s number 1 business degree at the age of 20.

💪🏻 Turned that fitness side hustle into a 7-figure online business by the age of 21.

😊 Helped thousands do the same as the above and realised… These systems work in ALL industries!

🙌 That’s why Lauren started Impact School, a coaching and e-learning company helping experts build online businesses that help more people and are easy to operate.

As we speak, Lauren is working on building a NEW software to run your entire online business after she acquired a software development company in 2020.

And as of 2021, Lauren now partners with experts in all areas to impact more people through packaging knowledge into infoproducts, coaching programs, and online courses.

Oh, and she built the 119th most followed account out of 10m+ people on Clubhouse in under 3 months of using the app. The London Stock Exchange called her a Marketing Genius for a reason.
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Lauren Tickner

Founder & CEO

Tickner is from Surrey, England but has recently moved to Dubai, where her focus is now on business acquisitions, investments and mentorship.


Impact School

We provide coaching and consulting services to a handful of elite entrepreneurs, helping them increase their profits and get their time back by leveraging efficient teams.

Lauren Tickner

From business school drop out to a multi seven figure entrepreneur, Tickner has always taken 100% ownership on everything she has done.
22 Jan, 2018

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